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Our entry, heatwave, uses node-heatmap to draw a heatmap over your code in realtime to show the parts that are most active as the code executes.

Heatwave accomplishes this trick using bunker to add hooks around every expression. When these hooks get called, the heatmap gets updated!

node knockout heatwave :: The Universe of Discord
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TIL "Ruby is just hipster perl."
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Im IE9 ist console.log ein Object, keine Function, und hat kein apply(). m(
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Exclusive: How LinkedIn used Node.js and HTML5 to build a better, faster app... http://t.co/52MU5xr
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beim Fehlerhandling, irgendwann schreibe ich eine Kurzgeschichte über General Failure und Major Exception in der Welt von Starship Troopers
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The “finger” protocol— Making Geeks giggle since 1977.
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